Philippine Stock Market Tutorial LESSON # 1


What company to buy?
Assuming you have opened your online broker funded with your "extra cash", now let us start to familiarize yourself with your online broker.

Regardless if you are a trader or an investor you will always go through this step before you make your first purchase of your chosen stocks.

Start familiarizing yourself with the stock codes for each company like ALI for ayala land, MEG for megaworld, EW for eastwest bank and so on.

Since I am using COL Financial simply proceed to Fundamentals and look for their investment guide.

You will be given number of lists of their selected companies, if you happen to use other online broker like Philstocks they do also have their own technical guide being sent out to their clients with their own buy between price range and target price.

For COL Financial users the investment guide has what they call as BBP or Buy Below Price to look out.
Buy Below Price COL Financial
Philstocks technical guide
Firstmetrosec Technical Event Look up
As for Firstmetrosec you need to manually input the stock code of your chosen stock and get an idea of its support and resistance price before you decide when to make an entry which can be found from their technical event lookup.

As a starter it would be best to check out the top 30 companies listed as bluechips under PSE which is updated everyday.

For other stocks not included under "bluechips" you may wish to research on their past performances, its owners, their products and services etc. before buying shares from that company.

Now list down those companies you intend to buy shares from and referring to your COL Financial BBP, your Philstocks Buy Between price range or Firstmetrosec support and resistance price range the next step would look for the current market price or previous closing price during a trading day and check if it falls with those price ranges set by your broker.

stock code: MBT
current price: Php 85.00

If COL Financial user check if it falls below its BBP mark.

If Philstocks user check it is along its Buy Between price range.

If Firstmetrosec user check if the current price nears the support price range under their technical event lookup.

These datas are not enough yet to make a decision to make your buy order. These datas we gathered will be used later on by using charts to confirm if it is favorable to buy shares at these current market price and will be discussed in lesson # 2.

The essence of Lesson # 1 is simply filter out your preferred company to buy shares from and list them down and regardless of your broker you are using with their technical guide, investment guide or technical event lookup we will use those data as guide to help us decide later on with the help of charts and compare to the current market price.

Bluechips are mostly recommended due to their proven track record over the years with high volumes of trades which is a great opportunity for traders. 

Now be ready for lesson # 2...